Our mission is to provide excellent psychiatric care to our local community and beyond and improve mental and overall health using all available modes of wellness.
After performing a diagnostic interview, collaborating with other providers, and reviewing records your clinician will generate a treatment plan customized for your needs. Medications may be considered, prescribed and monitored, but in addition we provide recommendations for whole body health. Tele-Psychiatry may be considered when clinically appropriate.
Our "family" is a highly trained staff of doctors and nurse prescribers who focus on assessment and management of psychiatric illness. We appreciate our caring and knowledgeable support staff to manage office and billing functions.
We treat motivated individuals of all ages and backgrounds with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia. We accept a limited number of insurances including Medicare and commercial products of Optum, BCBSMA, and Tufts. We do not have expertise in Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders and Addictions but are happy to discuss your concerns before scheduling an appointment.
People can feel better, take more control over their lives and experiences, and reduce suffering. We welcome the privilege to partner with people on this crucial life goal.

Providing excellent psychiatric care to the Metrowest community and beyond, working closely with patients and their provider teams, using advanced medicine and technology to deliver quality results.

Maitri Patel, MD creates realistic treatment plans customized for each person’s needs by combining the latest breakthroughs of science, longstanding clinical experience and no-frills pragmatism.

Nimish Shah, DNP has a longstanding commitment to excellence in delivery of mental health care, starting from his nursing days managing patient care in long term care facilities and inpatient psychiatry units.

Our Mission


Progressive Therapeutics strives to provide excellent psychiatric care to the Metrowest community and beyond. We are highly trained professionals committed to thorough, thoughtful delivery of medical expertise based on the latest research advances to patients and families experiencing psychiatric issues. As psychopharmacologists we are able to focus on an ever-widening area of research and development on the brain, its diseases and illness, and emotional functioning, dovetailing science and experience to benefit our patients.




Tele-Psychiatry provides high quality psychiatric care by judiciously using live video conferencing technology for those who may be unable to attend in-office sessions for their mental health care. We offer initial and follow up sessions for diagnosis and psychiatric medication management, if necessary, using web-based technology that links you with your provider directly. Our mission is to improve the delivery of this vital health care service to patients so that their mental health needs are met without unnecessary delay.