Tele-Psychiatry is recognized as one important strategy to lower health care costs while improving the quality of care, and has been employed in one form or another for decades to bring quality care to those who need it and can't get it. Today Tele-Psychiatry is defined as the exchange of medical information for clinical, educational and research purposes using electronic devices
* Improved access to specialty care consultation and treatment * Less travel time and cost * More timely visits possible * Immediate transfer of medical information to appropriate clinicians * Accurate and fast delivery of prescription information to appropriate site
Tele-Psychiatry can be a viable option for some people who need care but also need flexibility and more options than offered in the past, but not always appropriate for urgent or emergency care. Contact us for more details and to learn if Tele-Psychiatry is right for you.

Why Tele-Psychiatry?

Massachusetts has always led the way in health care innovation, services and treatment and Tele-Psychiatry follows that tradition.  We offer HIPAA compliant top rate psychopharmacologic evaluation and ongoing management for adults.  Led by Nimish Shah, DNP, Tele-Psychiatry has become a model for establishing and managing Tele-Psychiatry Services to suburban and rural communities, and was the principal material of his doctorate thesis.

Tele-Psychiatry currently makes available clinical services such as direct patient care and ongoing collaboration, but also non-clinical services such as education and general consultation to individuals and organizations.  Our stated goal emphasizes the imperative to eliminate disparities in patient access to emerging health care diagnostics and high quality evidenced-based treatments.  Using widely available technology allows that imperative to reach fulfillment.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

You simply need a computer with a high speed connection, a webcam, time and privacy.  Once we have established the referral, you will receive instructions for setting up your computer and your space to suit the appointment. Privacy is a key factor in allowing for honest, open dialogue with your provider.  For this reason you may want to consider your location (public vs private, home vs office, etc) when making your appointment.

Lastly, not all insurers cover Tele-Medicine or Tele-Psychiatry services.  You should call the number on your insurance card for mental health services to determine your eligibility.  We are happy to provide documentation for you to submit to your insurance for any reimbursement to which you may be entitled.

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