Nimish Shah, DNP has a longstanding commitment to excellence in delivery of mental health care, starting from his nursing days managing patient care in long term care facilities and inpatient psychiatry units.  Expanding his scope of practice by completing a Masters in Nursing quickly led to completing his Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree, a member of the first class of DNP graduates from Northeastern. While pursuing his doctorate, Dr Shah created a cutting-edge analysis of use and protocol for administration of Tele-Psychiatry for Mental Health.
Co-founding Progressive Therapeutics in 2006 created the perfect platform from which to deliver high quality psychopharmacologic care to the community, use technology and best systems practices to efficiently manage a private practice, employ Tele-medicine to broaden patient’s access to care and teach Masters level nursing students from Northeastern the art and science of 21st century mental health care.
An avid proponent of incorporating lifestyle interventions, based on clinical and empirical evidence, Dr. Shah strives to create treatment plans that include but go beyond traditional medicine.  His focus on non-pharmacologic strategies to improve mental health is grounded in the belief that the brain is still a part of the body, and that to take care of the brain, the whole body must be healthy.  A full range of evaluations including nutrition, fitness and sleep is crucial to uncover and address possible foundational sources of symptoms, as a modern, functional approach to effective mental health care.
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dr. Shah loves exploring New England and the world with his family and friends, looking for new adventures and open to new ideas.

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